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If you know a yoga teacher, you know someone who is physically disciplined and dedicated to the craft of yoga. They also have a lot of traditional yoga gear, which makes buying them a gift more difficult! If a yoga teacher has all the necessary yoga supplies, what kind of gifts can you get for them?

Every yoga teacher needs essential yoga supplies, but some unique gifts could make a yogi’s life easier. From fruit infused water bottles to wireless microphones for online teaching, it is easy to find something your yoga teacher friend will love.

Yoga teachers make a lifestyle out of their yoga practice, and it is essential to remember all aspects of their life. Incorporating health and mindfulness into other aspects of life is a part of the yoga philosophy, so read on to find out what gifts can help keep them inspired on and off the mat.

A New (or Round) Yoga Mat

The yoga teacher you know might already have a yoga mat, but it never hurts to have a backup (or maybe a nicer one)! For the money, the best mat on the market is the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. It is non-stick and has a nice thickness, and does not show much wear and tear (even after years of use).

Alternatively, you could buy them a teacher’s round mat! These yoga mats are larger and circular so that a yoga teacher can demonstrate a pose from any angle (beneficial for larger group sessions). For circular teacher’s mats, I recommend the six-foot Schriner Pro Large Round Yoga Mat.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are especially useful for yoga teachers, especially those just beginning to teach. Not only are they great for stretching out any tension in your back and hips, but they are also helpful to ease beginning yogis into more challenging poses. They can be used during class, in a cool-down session, or as yoga therapy.

Most yoga students do not have a wheel, so giving one to a yoga teacher is a great way to make difficult poses more attainable for all of their students. This yoga wheel functions well as a teaching aid and a way to further one’s own yoga practice.

The Yoga Bible

For a serious yogi, The Yoga Bible is just as important as the title implies. It offers a near-complete guide to the various schools and philosophies of yoga and visual aids for thousands of yoga poses. Illustrations and diagrams help explain why different poses are beneficial for specific areas of the body.

The Yoga Bible is less of a book for reading and more of a reference manual for yoga styles and ideas for classes or sequences. If the yoga teacher in your life does not own this book, it could be the perfect gift to add to their yoga library.

Zulay Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Yoga is an exercise, and hydration is vital as you work out your body. Having a good water bottle is necessary for any athlete – but why not step up your yoga teacher’s water game? A water bottle with a built-in fruit infuser is a great (and inexpensive) way to keep your yoga teacher friend healthy and hydrated.

Fruit or vegetable infused water (sometimes known as detox water) is beneficial for your health and promotes water consumption. It is also refreshing and delicious and has endless flavor combinations. There are many different infuser water bottles; the Zulay bottle has a removable infuser for ice, fruits, or vegetables, or the option just to drink plain water!

Popular Handicrafts Mandala Tapestry

Over the past year, more and more yoga teachers have taken to teaching online or YouTube classes. This means they have to find a space in their house that fits their yoga mat and gear without a distracting background. A tapestry can cover up background clutter and create the atmosphere of a yoga studio.

This mandala meditation tapestry provides an excellent backdrop for any video. It looks lovely on any wall or can hang from the ceiling (and there are many different patterns and colors to choose from, depending on a yogi’s decoration style).

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

Mindset and atmosphere are essential to a yoga instructor – the sights and sounds, and smells make a huge difference in daily yoga practice. Essential oils are a great way to clear the air and fill it with relaxing (or energizing) aromas to keep a yogi grounded and present on the mat.

This wood grain design essential oil diffuser releases a soft mist of essential oil infusions (and it is lovely). It also comes with a starter pack of twenty essential oils, so your yogi can pick what aura surrounds them as they work.

Elenture Large Yoga Bag

Every yoga teacher needs a good yoga bag – one that is convenient for carrying a mat, blocks, and other personal accessories to class. Even if you have mat straps, it is easy for the mat to slip out. The bag makes it easy to carry, even with a full yoga mat and smaller items inside.

This bag features several inside pockets for smaller items, which negates the necessity of carrying another bag in addition to the mat duffel. It comes in several different design options (I love the purple!). The bag’s external pocket also zips up, which is surprisingly uncommon for yoga mat holders.

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Aerial yoga is an advanced yoga practice involving a yoga hammock and doing yoga poses while suspended in the air. This practice has many health benefits, including improving circulation and balance and reducing back pain. Many yoga classes do not offer this because of a lack of proper interest or equipment.

You do not have to provide yoga swings for an entire class, but a personal yoga hammock for an instructor can improve their practice and find a new way to relax. This could eventually increase their teaching game as well, as they would have the regular practice to teach aerial yoga classes.

This yoga swing set has multiple handle sets and settings for every level of aerial yoga expertise. It is easy to install and can hang anywhere with enough room and support. A yoga hammock set could complete a yoga teacher’s practice.

Toesox Half Toe Grip Socks

A common complaint with yoga mats is the inability to hold poses for very long due to sweaty or slippery mats. It can be frustrating, especially when you know you are strong enough to continue, but your feet just keep slipping! For poses held longer or with a broader stance, grip socks can be useful.

These open-toe socks with grips on the bottom help combat this problem while keeping your toes free. Your yoga teacher can keep their barefoot yogi vibes without slipping during a pose and easily taking the socks off for more comfortable or relaxing yoga.

A Yoga or Meditation Pillow

Does your yogi meditate often? If so, a meditation or yoga pillow could be an excellent way to support them during their mindful times. There are a few different yoga pillows, but they all provide support and comfort during meditation or Shavasana (the relaxation pose at the end of most yoga practices).

The most common meditation pillow for yogis is a rectangle shape. This cushion shape helps support the meditator’s posture, whether they are sitting or laying down.

The yogi can also use it to stretch out the lower back and assist with lumbar support and is excellent for beginning and advanced yogis. I recommend the Body Quiet Yoga Bolster Pillow because it incorporates acupressure into the pillow for a restorative meditation experience.

This Lotuscrafts Meditation Cushion is round and made for deep meditation. Sitting on a round pillow while meditating will support the meditator and help them keep a straight spine. It is a step up from the rectangular pillow and is generally for more advanced yogis. It can also be adjusted for varying heights and works well with a yoga mat underneath.

Rode Wireless Go Microphone

If your yoga teacher teaches classes online (or in a larger classroom), they probably use a wireless microphone to be heard throughout the lesson. These can be clunky or hard to use and often get in the way of yoga poses. Teachers want to focus on the practice and not have to deal with technological or practical issues with a microphone system.

The Rode wireless microphone and transmission system is small and straightforward. It clips in anywhere and stays put throughout a workout. For an active teacher with a large or online class, the Rode microphone is a great fit. It is exceptionally compatible with online or recorded YouTube yoga classes.

Luna Lifestyle Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray Kit

Daily yoga practice is essential for a yoga teacher, and this means that their mat gets used a lot. A quality mat will not show wear and tear, but it will get dirty and sweaty quickly! It is not good for your yoga mat to clean it with just any cleaner, and not necessarily healthy for your skin either (which comes in contact with the mat a good deal during a yoga session).

This yoga mat cleaner will refresh and clean the mat without damaging it. It comes with a microfiber towel for drying and is scented with lavender essential oils so that it will be gentle on your yoga mat and your skin. Mat cleaner is a useful and inexpensive gift for the busy yoga teacher in your life!

Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks

Every yoga teacher most likely already owns a yoga block or a set of blocks. However, these yoga blocks are some of the nicest on the market. Made of cork, they are more comfortable and durable than the average foam blocks and are better for the environment.

Buying one (or a full set) of these blocks is an excellent investment for any yogi – they also come in a variety of sizes depending on flexibility and accessibility needs! An extra set of yoga blocks or an upgrade to a current set will always come in handy for a yoga teacher.

A Yoga Muscle Tension Roller (or Cork Massage Set)

A yoga roller is an essential piece of equipment, especially for those who tend to keep tension in their backs or necks. Like yoga wheels (but smaller in size), foam or cork rollers help with flexibility and muscle relaxation. They can be used to roll out even the toughest knots and muscles. Many yogis also enjoy laying on these for lumbar support and extended stretches.

Most rollers are made of foam, but cork is a more sustainable option (and provides more natural comfort). For a shorter, more compact roller (great for travel), I recommend the Aquanimous Cork Massage Roller. A regular size cork roller is the Navaris Cork Fascia Roller, which is longer, easy to use, and clean.

As a bonus cork massaging gift, this Orbsoul Deluxe Cork Massage Set is a set of small massage balls and rollers that are excellent for smaller muscle groups (such as hands, ankles, neck, or feet). It is a great addition for the yoga teacher who already owns one or more muscle rollers.

Pukka Herbal Tea Support Selection

Full body health is essential to any yogi. Herbal tea is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy, cleanse the body, and have a comforting hot drink in the morning. This selection of teas is specially curated for seasonal health and includes a sampler of healthy, eco-conscious teas.

If your yoga teacher has early morning classes, lives somewhere cold, or just enjoys tea, herbal tea would be a thoughtful gift. Another great gift to pair with tea (or to give on its own) is this Dounguri Bamboo Tea Tumbler, which comes with a strainer for loose leaf tea fans and could keep the tea warm through an entire yoga session.

Zulay Home Authentic Mexican Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket is an excellent alternative to a mat if you are doing yoga or meditating outside. It is easier to carry and clean and adapts to less than flat surfaces (like the beach or a grassy field). Yoga blankets are versatile and aesthetically pleasing, with many different weave patterns.

A blanket like this is comfortable and useful in yoga practice and can also be used for picnics, camping, or at home. I like to keep a yoga blanket like this in my car for impromptu yoga sessions or picnics or just to stay warm in the winter months.

Yoga Artwork or Posters

Whether or not your yoga teacher friend owns a studio, they might appreciate some yoga-themed artwork. There are many different yoga artwork styles or posters to choose from, so you can be sure to find something for everyone.

I personally love this Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster, detailing the various poses of the Asana yoga series. The postures are both in English and Sanskrit, and it is a fabric canvas (which looks nicer than a traditional poster and would fit nicely in any yoga studio).

personally love this Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster, detailing the various poses of the Asana yoga series. The postures are both in English and Sanskrit, and it is a fabric canvas (which looks nicer than a traditional poster and would fit nicely in any yoga studio).

There are also some more conceptual yoga art pieces, such as this set of YOGA Periodic Table of Elements prints. These are sleek and simple and would be great for the more scientifically minded yoga teacher or any yoga teacher with minimalist design and decoration tendencies.

For a more basic inspirational set of prints, I love these Motivational Words Artwork Quotes. They are pretty, elegant, and stay in line with the philosophies and mindsets of yoga. Many other yoga prints are beautiful and relatively cheap – you are sure to find something that your friend will enjoy.

A Yoga Subscription Box

For everything in this world, there is a subscription box. Yoga is no exception, and it is easy to find a myriad of subscriptions for yoga enthusiasts. Whether it is for athletic apparel, yoga gear, or healthy snacks and tips, there are options for everyone.

Some of the most popular subscription boxes are Yogi Surprise, Fabletics, and Buddhibox. There are also several that involve healthy snacks and teas, such as FitSnack. Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving – it is delightful to receive a package in the mail every month with more goodies!

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Yoga towels are built to fit over the top of yoga mats to keep them clean, dry, and slip-resistant. They are handy for hot yoga, which is practiced with the room temperature raised to increase the natural detoxification of the yogi’s pores. It is becoming more and more popular, and hot yoga classes are taught around the world.

This towel sits on top of a yoga mat and has grips on the bottom to prevent it from slipping. It is easy to wash and lightweight and comes in several patterns and colors. If the yoga teacher in your life loves or teaches hot yoga classes, a yoga mat towel could be a perfect gift for them.

A Yoga Gift Card

When in doubt, a gift card is an easy way to please the yoga instructor who seems like they have everything. This gift idea can take care of buying clothes for your friend, which can often be tricky when interpreting someone else’s size or style.

If you can find out their favorite yoga wear brand, you could get them a card from that website or a voucher for your local yoga supply store. Of course, an Amazon Gift Card could also cover their needs and allow them to choose their own gift.

Final Thoughts

The yoga teacher you know probably has all of the necessary yoga “gear” – mats, blocks, straps, hand weights, etc. You do not want to buy them an extra thing – why not get them something unique and special?

This list is not exhaustive, but hopefully, it gave you some ideas for the yoga teacher in your life! Every yogi has different needs and interests, and you only know what gift would make your friend smile. Whether you wrap up a new yoga mat, a water bottle, or an essential oil set, your yoga teacher is sure to love one of these!

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