About Us

Here you will get tips and inspiration for the family who want to seek some harmony in your everyday life.

Who are we? We are a family of five persons living in the city where everything goes very fast and life is so lively. Of course, this is a wonderful time with young children but also very intense and sometimes hard. As a family, we have got a lot of peace and harmony with the help of meditation and yoga. It is me Sita and my husband Andreas and our three children, Theo born 2014 and one of his little sister Olivia who was born in 2017 and our smallest, Tyra who was born in 2019. I Sita started as a kid with gymnastics and in my teens, I also started yoga, at that time it was mostly physics yoga and didn’t see it as much more than that. As a teenager, I started as a gymnastics teacher and did this for more than ten years. I had groups of all ages, from four years old up to fifteen years old they won a lot of competitions during this time. During my last pregnancy, I started my teacher training from 2018-2019, I attended Atamyoti’s yoga training as is Certified by Yoga Alliance RYS 200. It is a 390-hour training that lasts for nine months. In 2020, I went to a Thai massage education certified by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science, and Technology of Thailand.

I hope you will join us and see all the benefits that yoga can give you in your daily life both on and off the mat.