Do Yoga Balls Have a Weight Limit?

Imagine being in your yoga class doing a cool new move on your yoga ball and splat! Your yoga ball pops, and you fall on your face and embarrass yourself in front of the entire class. Here’s the thing – it does not happen as easily as most may think.

Yoga balls are extremely resistant however, they do have a weight limit. So, it is important to purchase a ball that is proportional to your weight and height. If your weight and height are not proportional you can purchase a ball one size larger.

After reading this article your fears of embarrassing yourself in your yoga class will be put to rest, and you will use your yoga ball with full confidence. So, for more tips on yoga balls keep on reading!

Yoga Ball Weight Limits

A yoga ball is able to undergo a large amount of pressure and is very resilient, however, that does not mean that it cannot reach a breaking point. Although most people may think that a yoga can pop like a balloon, the truth is that it takes much more for the ball to deflate. The importance here is to have a full understanding of those limitations when purchasing your yoga ball. 

According to Livestrong, the majority of yoga balls are able to support a weight limit of 250 lbs., however, there are some balls that can support up-to a limit of 300 lbs. These may be more difficult to find, though. 

This is another important piece of information to know when you are purchasing your exercise ball. Since you are essentially using this ball for exercise purposes the ball itself is able to support different points of pressure such as static weight and body weight. These weights will help determine the bursting point of the ball. So, what does this mean?

Static Weight vs Body Weight

  • Static Weight: This is the amount of weight that the ball can handle when the person using the ball is staying completely still and not making any movements on the ball. 
  • Body Weight: This is the amount of weight that the ball is able to handle when the person using the ball is doing exercise. Some movements result in the person using it putting more pressure on the ball.

Knowing the weight limit of the ball is extremely important, not because it will “pop”, but because you want to prevent any damage from happening to the ball since they can be a bit expensive. Therefore, before you buy just any ball, make sure you read the label on the packaging correctly to ensure that the ball is a great fit for you and your needs.

Can a Yoga Ball Pop?

Most people look at a yoga ball and wonder if that thing can pop. The truth is that yoga balls are made to be very resistant and to handle immense levels of pressure, after all the sole purpose of the ball is to give you stability so it’s actually made to take a lot of pressure. 

If you go to your local sporting goods store, or look online, you’ll notice that the balls are advertised as “burst-proof.” That’s because they are. 

Although they will not burst, they can still deflate causing the ball to lose air. However, that does not mean that you will fall flat on your face in the middle of your yoga class if that were to happen. If your ball does begin to deflate in the middle of class, you will have more than enough time to get off the ball before you end up falling. 

Since the ball is made of a thick material it will not be punctured easily. However it is still important that you take good care of your ball to make sure that it does not get damaged. 

Yoga Ball Damage Prevention

As mentioned, a yoga ball can be pricey, and you want to avoid having to constantly purchase a new ball. This is why appropriate maintenance is key for your yoga ball. 

Although maintaining a yoga ball is not too difficult, these simple tips and tricks will prevent you from having to go yoga ball shopping yet again. Here are a few tips for preventing yoga ball damage:

  • Avoid puncturing the ball. The number one cause of a deflating yoga ball is a result of puncturing due to a sharp item. To prevent the ball from popping make sure that you properly sweep the area around you to pick up any sharp particles. 

Also, make sure that your yoga clothes do not have any sharp details such as zippers or buttons which can puncture the ball. Although the material is tough, the ball will not deflate easily. Puncturing it constantly with a sharp item, however, may result in a deflated ball, so you want to make sure you keep your exercise area clean.

  • Inspect before each use.  Before using the yoga ball, make sure you inspect it thoroughly to ensure that it does not have any damage. If you begin to notice any scratches on the ball you may want to investigate it a bit to see if it is a surface scratch or a puncture. 

If the scratch is much deeper, then you may want to consider purchasing a new ball before it begins to fully deflate.

  • Purchase a ball that applies to your size. Although this is not necessarily a maintenance technique, it is still very important to avoid possible deflation. 

When you purchase your ball, you want to make sure that it is proportionate to your weight and height. This means that you should reconsider letting anyone borrow your yoga ball if they are not of a similar weight and height ratio as you. 

Since your ball is customized to your size you want to make sure that it does not receive any added pressure from someone who is taller than you.

By maintaining your yoga ball, you will prevent any damage from happening and potentially save yourself a few dollars which is always the end goal. These techniques will make it much easier for you to prevent any damage to your ball and will allow you to go to your yoga class with much more ease knowing that your ball is well taken care of and will not burst.

Shopping for an Exercise Ball

Shopping for the right ball is not as difficult as it is often made out to be. 

It may be a bit worrisome finding a ball because you want to make sure that it can withstand high amounts of pressure and has a great quality which is always important. 

Although purchasing is a ball is not that difficult, you still want to make sure that you buy the correct one for you, and do not purchase just any ball. You want to make sure that you get a ball that is serving the right purpose. So, when looking to buy a yoga ball for yourself make sure you follow the following guidelines.

Make Sure It’s Burst Proof

Although most exercise/yoga balls are burst proof, you want to make sure that the label clearly specifies this before purchasing. Also remember, just because the ball is burst proof does not necessarily mean that the ball will not deflate. It simply means that it will not pop while you are sitting on the ball. You can easily find a burst-proof ball on Amazon or at your local sporting goods retailer.

Height/Weight Limits Matter

When purchasing your ball, you want to make sure that you purchase a ball that is able to uphold your weight and height. This means that if you are taller you should not purchase a ball that is too small for your size. Below is a great chart from Physio Supplies that perfectly lays out the size of the ball you should purchase that meets your height requirement

HeightBall Size (Diameter)
Under 4’8’’45cm 

With the guidelines listed above, you will have enough information to buy the perfect sized yoga ball. Even if the ball is burst proof, if your ball does not meet the right sizing guidelines you will not be able to use the ball properly and will ultimately cause more damage to the ball which can result in it deflating. So, before going on your yoga ball shopping trip, make sure you take a quick look at the measurement guidelines to prevent a second trip.

Purchase a Textured Ball

You’ll notice that there are some yoga balls that have a smooth surface and then there are some that are textured and have rings on them. Well, the reason that some balls are textured is that they are meant to provide friction between you and the ball to prevent slipping. 

This is perfect for those workouts that result in a lot of sweat. So, if you’re worried about your sweat letting you down and causing you to slip in front of the entire class, then you may want to consider purchasing a textured ball. 

Deciding Which Ball is Right

If you decide to go to the store and buy your yoga ball, there will be some balls on display for you to look at which will give you a chance to put to the ball to the test. 

If you want to put the ball to the test, then there is an easy way to figure out if the ball is right for your test. The following hands-on approach will allow you to see if the ball is the right size and will not cause issues down the line. Here is how you can find out if the yoga ball is right for you.

  1. Sit down on the ball, put your feet flat on the floor, and distribute your weight evenly. Do not put too much pressure on the ball.
  2. When sitting on the ball your knees should be slightly lower than your pelvis. You should be creating a 90-degree angle with your body at this point. 
  3. You can also make light bouncing movements while sitting on the ball to make sure that you are comfortable with using the ball.

With these simple techniques, you’ll be able to purchase a yoga ball with full confidence knowing that it is a perfect fit for you.

The Best Yoga Balls on the Market

Shopping for anything can be quite overwhelming especially if you are looking for something that is of great quality. Whether you are shopping in a store or online, you want to make sure that the ball that you buy is one of the best on the market. 

So, instead of listening to a sales associate going on about which ball is best for you, here is a list of the best yoga balls on the market according to Very Well Fit. 

  • URBNFit Exercise Ball: This textured non-slip exercise ball retails at about $24.00 and can be found on Amazon. The ball has a burst-resistance of up to 2,000 pounds. The ball comes in many different sizes to that work with any height, and also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Live Infinitely Exercise Ball: If this is your first time ever using a yoga ball then this is the perfect ball for you to use. By purchasing this ball, you will also get online access to training on how to use the ball. With burst-resistance of up 2,200 pounds, this ball will shred any doubt of popping in the middle of your yoga class. This ball can be purchased on Amazon and retails for $24.00.
  • Trideer Exercise Ball: This is the best anti-burst ball on the market, and retails at $34.00. The material used to make this ball is much thicker than the other yoga balls which makes it much more difficult for the ball to be damaged.

With these three industry-leading exercise balls you can go into your sporting goods shop with the utmost confidence that you will be leaving with a ball that is of great quality. The items listed above are some of the best options you have for purchasing a good quality ball.

Yoga Moves Done with a Ball

Using a yoga ball during a yoga class is actually quite common, and there are many positions you can perform using a ball. 

Using a yoga ball during a yoga session will add more stability when doing the positions, and also allows you to focus on balance. Here are just a few positions you can do using a yoga ball. 

  1. Upward Facing Dog
  2. Downward Facing Dog 
  3. Seated Spinal Rotation
  4. Seated Stork Pose
  5. Torso Rotation
  6. Childs Pose

These are just a few of the positions you can do with a yoga ball. Incorporating a yoga ball into your session will make you a much more skilled yogi and allow you to push your body to a higher limit.

Know the Benefits of a Yoga Ball

Not all but some people often find themselves asking what the purpose of using a yoga ball is. A big misconception of yoga is that it is usually done on a mat. The fact is that it goes much further than that. There are actually some great benefits to using a yoga ball. Here are a few of the benefits.

  • A yoga ball can actually stabilize your core. If you’re looking to get a flat tummy and strengthening abdominal muscles then using a yoga ball to do core exercises will allow you to work those muscles, and in some cases, may make those exercises much easier since the ball will provide you with more stability.
  • You’ll improve your posture with a yoga ball. By using a yoga ball you’ll be able to improve your posture. Sitting on the ball for a period of time will allow you to improve your overall spine health.
  • It can improve your flexibility. Incorporating a yoga ball into your workout can really improve your flexibility and is perfect for stretching. Using a ball for any workout will also decrease the possibility of any injury.
  • Balance your muscles. By incorporating a yoga ball into your workout you’ll be able to balance your muscles and work-out multiple muscles at once. 

These added benefits are intended to show you that there’s a reason why using a yoga ball is so important. So, before thinking twice about using a yoga ball during a workout, make sure you remember all the added benefits that come with the proper use of a yoga ball.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using your yoga ball in class there is absolutely no need to worry about getting embarrassed. The idea that the ball will pop underneath you is completely false. Unless you weigh 2,000 pounds and are made of steel, a quality yoga ball will not pop. 

So, the next time that fears rush into your head, feel free to throw them out the window and take advantage of that yoga class!


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