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  • 8 Reasons You Cannot Do a Handstand (and How to Fix It)

    8 Reasons You Cannot Do a Handstand (and How to Fix It)

    The handstand is one of yoga’s most visually impressive and technically challenging asanas, making it such a valued accomplishment for any yoga practitioner. Achieving it calls for plenty of power, control, mobility, and body awareness. Some reasons you cannot do a handstand include being overly fearful, placing your arms too far apart, not strengthening their…

  • Does Yoga Make You Taller?

    Does Yoga Make You Taller?

    Yoga offers many health benefits, from better breathing to more flexible muscles and joints. But those aren’t the only changes you can expect from doing yoga. You may want to know what else can happen, such as changing your height. Yoga cannot change someone’s skeletal height. After a person stops growing in puberty, they won’t…

  • Does Yoga Improve Posture?

    Does Yoga Improve Posture?

    Poor posture is often neglected in regards to personal health, considered an aesthetic issue more so than something capable of serious harm. Bad posture is often the culprit behind various medical conditions and can cause more long-term damage than just hunched shoulders. But are there better ways to improve posture aside from the archaic method…